Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back on the Grid

Monday afternoon, the power was back, along with landline and cable, and the all important INTERNET. YAY!!!

After two days of unseasonably warm temps that melted off the ice, we now have 2 -3 inches of snow with more expected. Looks like a White Christmas in New England.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice Storms...UGH

Ice Storms...what a joy. [insert heavy sarcasm]

The meteorologists had been missing calls for a while now. So, imagine our shock when they actually got one right.

Since 10pm Thursday, December 11, our neighborhood has been without power. We were watching "The Dark Knight" at had just arrived at the climax of the movie when...[distant boom] a transformer blew and the power went out then browned in and out as the power fluctuated for a few moments...[distant boom] the second transformer blew and the lights were out for the duration.

8am the power was still out. Donning jackets and shoes, we leashed the hounds and walked outside to find a crystalline forest, a downed pine tree and a birch tree across the road. Both had just missed taking out a utility pole and the associated power lines. Around the cul-de-sac, a small birch tree had its branches frozen to the power lines, but no break. As we rounded the corner, our neighbors we not so lucky. Their power line from the pole to their house took a direct hit by a high, hardwood branch that had snapped off.

We finished our walk. Figuring that we'd be without power for at least the day, maybe two, we pulled out the portable generator and got it fired up. Then we headed out for gas and some breakfast. It was at this moment that we realized how badly the town had been hit.

Our road was blocked by two fallen trees. Fortunately we had a connecting road. As we drove down the road, there were trees with their crowns touching the pavement and frozen there. Power, cable, and phone lines were snapped or strewn all about. We wove our way down to the main road and headed to the local Sam's Club.

No stop lights were functioning. This made making turns across four lanes of traffic an extreme sport. Sam's and Walmart were down for the count, as well as Dunkin Donuts, MacDonalds, and the local super markets. Everything was dark which meant the town was in bad shape.

We headed across the bridge to the neighboring city. We fueled up and went on a hunt for breakfast. There we found the rest of our town, in the drive thrus. We all had the same idea at the same time. We pulled into Mac Donald's and already the drive through had 25 cars in it and the parking lot was filled to capacity. 5 minutes after we got there, two uniformed employees came out and started turning walk-in traffic away. "no food". "we're closed". Rolling down my window I asked them if they were really closed or we're they at their maximum seating capacity. "No food". They had the last car in line pegged as the last vehicle that they could serve. I found myself wondering "How did they know this?" "What if the last guy was picking up meals for six of his friends that were working construction somewhere?" At that point, we figured we'd leave and try to find another one.

Finally we did. While the line was long, we got what we wanted. Then we headed back with our fast food bounty to liberate the dogs and hunker down for a longer wait.

It is amazing how reliant we've become on creature comforts and instant information.

All I can say is thank God for cellphones as we'd have been SOL without our cells as our landline was toasted. We have no internet access. This blog is courtesy of my employer's access.

So, today is Monday. Welcome to day four without power. I did see one of the big utility trucks in our circle last night. I'm hoping he was there doing some assessments to see if they could get us back on the grid in short order.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Habit Forming Continued

It's been four months since my last post. I'm nearing some final touches on my riding "habit". I've commissioned a new hennin with a butterfly veil. This should complete the clothing nicely. Antique gold silk with a creme colored veil with pearls and goldwork.

Once the final touches are finished, I will post a picture of the completed look.

Then it's on to the saddle.