Friday, January 14, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

I would prefer to write of more side saddle experiences, but for the moment, I have to accept the fact that my horse is not suited for it, not because she isn't game, but rather because of her incredibly steep hip tilt. So, what's a medieval chic to do?

I must turn my attentions to more "classical" equestrian pursuits by which I mean hunting and martial skills. These are not modern dressage feats or modern hunting pursuits, this is using a sword or spear from horseback.

First things first, Phase I of the plan is to simulate the art of hunting boar, I have acquired a lovely 3D archery target of a most impressive beast. Naturally it is stationary to get the horses acclimated to monstrous beasties.

Phase II, and if I see another one of these things with a boar's head, you better cite me. A Tourinha with a boar's head instead of a bull's horns, I call it a Boarinha. (I'll give it a more linguistically correct name when I have the time.) These items are used to teach bullfighting horses -- now before you spread the hate -- this is not about teaching my horse to fight bulls, it's about demonstrating historical technique.

So, I will begin posting project pictures shortly.

Books for Inspiration

Gaston Phebus' Book of the Hunt

The Art of Medieval Hunting: The Hound and the Hawk By John Cummins

The Master of Game Edward of Norwich