Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Side Saddle Fitting

Looking forward to having Sue and Gail up to do a saddle fitting and a lesson. I'm sure that Normandie won't appreciate having a "ladies" saddle on him, but we'll see. There are a few candidates and hopefully I will walk away with a saddle so that I can pick up my side saddle riding where I left off. I think we're trying a few models on him. Sue thinks that the STEELE "ENGLISH PLEASURE" will be the one. I can't recall if we're trying a Circle R on him. I'll be sure to have some pictures taken of the process. This is very exciting.

Pisanello Bit

In the process of examining medieval tack, I decided to focus briefly on bits. I'm currently having a 15th century style bit made for educational purposes and for historic interpretation. The design is based on examples of bits in the drawings of Antonio di Puccio Pisano (aka Pisanello). I'm also currently designing a Medieval style headstall for use with the bit. I hope to post pictures once the bit and headstall are finished.