Thursday, March 6, 2008

My previous assessment

What do you get when to add one 9 month old IG, one bag of kitty litter, a large kitchen, and approximately 1.5 hours to work with?


In my last post I had indicated that I was ecstatic to have two Italian Greyhounds...that assessment might have been premature. Especially when thinking about the path of destruction that was torn through my kitchen last night.

We had to run to the grocery store and then two the barn to dispense love and cookies on our horses, who have started to wonder if we're figments of their imagination. The dogs had been walked, fed, had bedding, and more chew toys than Santa could possibly supply. Setting up the gates, we told the dogs we'd be back "shortly", the key word for a few hours. They had the TV to listen to and light.

Bob and I returned in about 1.5 hours. I walked up to the door and saw my beloved pup, sitting on the oriental carpet in the kitchen with her "happy" face. Her tail started wagging at me as she watched me as I looked through the door window. My face was blank as my mind attempted to work over exactly what I was looking at...this odd blue stuff scattered on the floor. I knew they'd gotten into something...but what was it? Then in DAWNED on me. She realized it at the exact same moment and disappeared around the corner of the island.

OMg! The Carnage... Revenge Poop, the shredded training pads, the eviscerated remains of the cat litter bag; its blue "gore" sprayed across the pristine tiles of the kitchen as if a tiny Sweeney Todd had slashed his way through.

Needless to say, the blue of the litter wasn't the only thing being spewed!

It took me an hour to clean the kitchen. What a mess!