Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another year older...


Just found out that Circle R isn't currently taking orders for side saddles. The fuster (treemaker) is redesigning the tree. So, I have no idea when the saddles will be available again. Very frustrating. I may need to talk to our historical saddler and see what he can do. He's made side saddles before and has been a saddler for over 30 years. So it might be time to do a fitting and just have him go ahead with the "project".

On the bright side of today, Bob's taking me out for my birthday. We're going to try out a new Japanese restaurant that opened in our area.

And this weekend, we'll have our new Italian Greyhounds. YAH!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Belt Buckle... delayed

he girdle buckle is still being made. The craftsman had a very busy holiday and then suppliers and other folks took off for the holidays. So needless to say I'm still waiting for my buckle. However I knew that they really wouldn't get started on it until close to the end of 2007.

Here is the beginning of it. It's the little piece in the upper left corner. It will be two of those pieces tall to conform to my girdles 5.4 cm width and will have the back plate. Somehow I don't think it will look exactly as I had imagined it, but we'll see.

So far, most viewers probably are not overly impressed. It's not far enough along for me to "panic", so I reserve judgment at this time. His other work is fantastic, so I'm going on faith here.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year... belated

he last week of 2007 and into the first full week of 2008 has been really busy. Before Christmas, Bob and I had been in contact with the East Coast Italian Greyhound Rescue. We wanted to adopt some Iggy's, as they are affectionately known. We'd been thinking about it for a long time and when we visited the adoption page, we saw her, little Evie. She is the cutest blue/fawn greyhound. Right now we're waiting for her to finish healing from her spaying before we can bring her home.

Due to the holidays, things were kind of slow and in the last week, we've signed applications, discussed our goals, and had a home visit to make sure that our home is the proper fit. We also adopted an 8 year old male named Brady. His owner was forced to give him up because he has a serious medical condition. He loved his three dogs, so we hope he will take some solace that Brady is coming to a home that will love him and take care of him. Evie and Brady had clicked really well, so we decided not to separate them. Brady is apparently good with puppies, Evie is 8 months.

On Sunday night we were given the green light and in two weeks our two Italian Greyhounds will be coming to their forever home.

Bob and I can't wait.